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Odd Salon

Our last salon! Live shows at Odd Salon New York and Odd Salon in San Francisco will be taking a long pause. We’ll be back in podcast form, and hopefully a couple special events this summer so our communities in both cities can gather and connect again. But this will be our last live, in-person, salon for the indefinite future. Our New York community has been so good to us and we want to celebrate you, so let’s make this last show a GREAT ONE!

Join us on May 4, 2022 at the Kraine Theater in the East Village for six tales of bawdy bashes and birthday blowouts, trailblazing triumphs and titillating tea parties, frolicking fetes and bacchanal carnivals, join us for Odd Salon NY: JUBILEE!

Curated by Odd Salon NY Co-Producer and Fellow: Christian Cagigal

Greg Taubman – Fellow and Co-Producer
Alva's Fair: The Vanderbilt Ball of 1883
What to do when the doyenne of high society refuses to recognize your family? Throw the costume party of the century! Come learn the story of the biggest bash (based on the pettiest pretext) in NY history.

Justin Ramsey
Culture and Carnivial: the Origins of the Trinidad & Tobago Celebration
It started when the French brought Fat Tuesday and the European traditions of Carnival to the Caribbean. But what happens when the Black and Indigenous people of Trinidad and Tobago gain their freedom, and get to express themselves in their own way? Come find out!

Jessie Wayburn
Havin' a Gala: History of the Bar/Bat Mitzvah Party
The rise of the bar mitzvah party and its glorious excesses will be on full display in this talk. The hilarious Jessie Wayburn, will teach us about the most lavish of teenage shindigs, and the origins of this Jew-bilee!
(She wrote that joke.)

Theresa Handwerk – Fellow
Burnin’ Down the House
An old timey party goes horrifically wrong, when a bunch of dudes dressed as trees get themselves accidentally burned alive…

Leonard Apeltsin – Fellow
The History of Bacchanalia Festivals
Special guest Fellow from San Francisco, Leonard Apeltsin, will give us the history of Bacchanalia Festivals and their roots in ancient Fem/Female Empowerment

J.R. Pepper – Fellow
Finishing out our night, Fellow J.R. Pepper, will deliver a special story mixed with legend and history, about a most unique community of weirdos founded in California, that spread to New York, and now has members across the world.

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