Electoral Dysfunction

Saturday February 2nd, 2019 - 7:00PM

Location : Under St Marks, New York, NY

With summer on the horizon, we hereby demand you come spend a day talking politics, news, Trump, corruption, Trump and maybe some Trump at Electoral Dysfunction!

Starring The Panel: Robert George (New York Daily News), Frankie Johnson (Milwaukee!), Ann Herberger (Don’t Hate Me Because I’m a Republican), Michael Newman (Latinx) and host Meghan O’Malley!

Produced by Tom Brennan
Tech by Giancarlo Osaben (The Campaign)
We had a bunch of jokes about Comey, Starbucks, and the cabinet but...
Did Trump just steal Macron’s dandruff? And what’s with the holding hands? It’s getting weird out there - and Electoral Dysfunction is back to get EVEN WEIRDER!
Featuring the Panel: Hannah Bell (Old School Sketch Show), Scott Benjamin (Magic Depressive), Elana Duffy (DuffelBlog), Robert George (New York Daily News), Michael Newman (Latinx), and host Tom Brennan (Marvel Entertainment)!
With special guests activist Kaitlyn Bird (Gotham Girl Blue) and comedian Chris Daniels (The Book of Ye)!
Past Panels

The March 2018 Panel: Justine Elana (The Daily Show with Trevor Noah), Robert George (New York Daily News), Andrew Heaton (Reason.com), Ann Herberger (The Magnet), Andrew Kilmer (Applying it Liberally), Keisha Zollar (The Opposition with Jordan Keller) and host Tom Brennan (Marvel Entertainment)!


Produced by Tom Brennan
Co-Producers Robert George and Amanda Nicastro