The Murder of Gonzago

Sunday July 26th - Sunday August 2nd

Location : Virtual Venue, New York, NY

The show is "The Murder of Gonzago," the same play that Claudius so rudely interrupts in Hamlet. We start with the same action: Lucianus pouring poison into the ear of the sleeping Gonzago, but rather than interrupting at that point, we keep going. Oddly enough, poison in the ear does not turn out to be an effective way of killing someone, but that does not stop Lucianus. He continues to try to murder his uncle, each murder coming from one of the plays: poisoned wine, smothered with a pillow, stabbed through a tapestry, poisoned blades exchanged during a duel... Each murder misses its target, taking out another member of the household. As the bodies pile up a bumbling detective investigates, and a band of gangsters lurks in the shadows.