The Little Shakespeare Festival

This year for our annual Shakespeare fest, FRIGID New York presents The Little Shakespeare Festival! Featuring Bardic classics as well as Bard-inspired works, this fest is drawing artistic inspiration from the restrictions of the last two years and showcasing a lineup that has casts of only five people or fewer.

Curated this year by FRIGID’s own Erez Ziv and Conor Mullen of As You Will.

Welcome to The Little Shakespeare Festival at Frigid New York! This festival is a celebration of independent theatre and performance that takes inspiration from the immortal bard, William Shakespeare. Each piece in the festival includes no more than five performers, and all of them will be in the intimate Under St. Marks theatre.

When considering Shakespeare, we often get so caught up in his legacy we forget that, during his life, he was an independent, working artist, writing plays and trying to get by. His actors worked with all too little rehearsal time, learning the fights and dances sometimes while the audience was already lined up to enter the theatre. His casts often included his good friends–and himself when the need called for it. Even his costumes, which to us seem so extravagant, were donations from wealthy patrons, the Elizabethan equivalent of digging through clothing racks at Goodwill. 

Sitting in Under St. Marks, it’s not too hard for me to imagine William Shakespeare working here. He’d have used his words to turn this space into a Roman dungeon, a Scottish castle, or a moonlit Athenian forest. His actors would have loved having the audience so close they could speak with them directly. And, of course, he would have been very approving of a bar inside the theatre, since in his own time audience members who wanted a drink had to leave the theatre and visit a local bar. 

It’s a reminder for me that Shakespeare doesn’t just live on when performed in giant, open air amphitheaters or big, Broadway houses; he also lives in these most humble of places, where I think he would have felt quite at home. Here, with you and me, at The Little Shakespeare Festival.

-Conor D Mullen (Festival Co-Curator)

As You Will & Fights of Shakespeare Double Bill
Romeo & Juliet
Brawls & Burlesque Double Bill
Unspoken Garden/El Jardín Que Calla
As You Will

The 2021 festival included…

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