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If you want to support artists on a day-to-day basis, keeping FRIGID and its friends afloat, please consider joining our Patreon! Your donation can be as small as a dollar every month, and you'll get cool perks like the ones below!

This level helps more than you realize. In a nonprofit, every dollar counts, and we're so thrilled you want to be part of our Patreon Community. At this level you get:

  • Access to our secret Facebook Group, FRIGID Family
  • An official FRIGID Penguin sticker
  • Your name in our house show programs
  • Access to our weekly virtual happy hour, FRIGID Fridays! We’ll be on Zoom every week with FRIGID community members as long as the quarantine lasts.
  • A shout on our website

$5 Tier

This tier allows us to keep our spaces afloat while the theaters are closed. Even with our doors closed, many costs associated with our spaces continue, including insurance, electricity, phones, internet, and more. Our spaces are unique, beloved, and a little haunted, and we can't wait to get back to them. Thanks for helping us keep our home away from home while we're . . . stuck at home.

  • Penguin Iron-on Patch
  • Each Month's Exclusive Pin
  • All Perks from Previous Levels

$10 Tier

This tier helps us cover the new and exciting costs of live streaming. It's so important to us to create a platform that stays free, accessible, and uninterrupted so we can stay connected with *everyone* in our audience, not just those who can afford it. In order to maintain admission-free streaming for our newly-unemployed community now and our access challenged community members now and later, we need a little help from our friends. Thank you so much for keeping our performances free for struggling peers.

  • FRIGID Bottle Opener
  • Monthly Merch from our Featured Show (Stickers, t-shirts, pins - a new surprise every month!)
  • All Perks from Previous Levels

$25 Tier

This tier helps us to keep our staff employed while our theaters are shut down so they can continue answering your questions, coordinating with artists, and running this Patreon! FRIGID employees love the theater and their jobs, and we want to thank you for keeping us hard at work. Each member at this level is sponsoring an hour of staff time to make Theater happen.
  • FRIGID Penguin Shirt or reusable shopping bag
  • Two free shows a month once we reopen
  • Two monthly drink tokens
  • All Perks from Previous Levels

Staying available to our community is going to be tough during this period of isolation, and when we return we are going to need to hit the ground running. Our near-daily shows help to keep us afloat, and without them we can’t support our 6 resident companies, 8 festivals, 24 monthly shows and multiple guest performers each season. These events are coordinated for months behind the scenes, and we want to keep our talented, generous curators on the books.

  • FRIGID Hoodie
  • Four free Shows a month once we reopen
  • Plus 4 monthly drink tokens
  • All Perks from Previous Levels

The reality is, none of us know when we'll be back to business as usual. Our tiers are based on being closed for a few weeks, but new estimates are suggesting that it could be months. As a nonprofit, we have a moral responsibility to do right by our community, paired with a rather limited disaster fund. Your help is beyond appreciated, and you can take pride in the fact that you are lifting a huge burden from our shoulders, and helping to ensure that indie theater stays alive and well in New York City and is here for us all when we can finally reopen our doors.

  • Four free Shows a month once we reopen
  • Six monthly premium drink tokens
  • All Perks from Previous Levels

$500 Tier - Tax Haven Level

You write it off on your taxes and get nothing!

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