10-Minute Play Festival

Directed by Cezar Williams.

Stiletto Envy by Eliana Pipes

Childhood friends Shaun and Melanie are on the cusp of adulthood, but when a secret lesson takes an unexpected turn, Melanie is forced to reconcile the fact that her upbringing might be at odds with her heart.


Love and Happiness: Ada’s Story by Fredrica Bailey

Set in 1939 against the vibrant, vivacious backdrop of juke joints and jazzy blues, this play centers on a middle aged black woman in love with a much younger man. With a secret to tell and a decision to make she grapples with age, love, and the realities of life.


SWITCH! by Karen Chilton

When two estranged friends, both prominent psychiatrists, meet unexpectedly in a therapy session, they are forced to face the guilt and sadness surrounding a mutual friend’s recent suicide, as well as the uncomfortable complexities of their own relationship.


Detained by Shamar S. White

A young Black female soldier conducting a cordon search in Afghanistan encounters a young Afghan female detainee who makes her question who she is underneath the uniform, and forever changes the soldier’s life.


Waiting For Virginia Wolfe by Michelle Tyrene Johnson

Two black married couples, while waiting for a fifth guest to arrive, clash over class and cultural karma. This may be the one black dinner party where shipped in collard greens from Neiman Marcus are served!


Ain’t No Mo by Jordan E. Cooper

A small church holds an earth shattering funeral on the election night of America’s first black president.


The Fucking World and Everything In It by C.A. Johnson

A Black man stands inside a jail cell, while a white cop gazes at him from the other side.  Both men have a request: one to be un-cuffed, the other to understand his captive’s motives. As tensions mount and their pleas grow more desperate, they must face the inevitability of what comes next and how it is inextricably tied to history.

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