10th Annual 10-Minute Play Program Directed by Kevin R. Free

Join us for The Fire This Time's 10-Minute Play Program, featuring a playwrights with a diverse variety of backgrounds and perspectives.

Sisterhood in the Time of the Apocalypse by Kendra Augustin

Two estranged sisters refuse to let anything derail the opportunity to bond with each other -- including the impending apocalypse.


scholarship babies by Francisca Da Silveira

“scholarship babies” is a cutting examination of educational privilege, affirmative action and what it truly means to go from rags to riches in today’s society.


RUN.HIDE.FIGHT by Adrienne Dawes

When a disgruntled employee disrupts an emergency preparedness drill, crisis actors Soloway and Linnea find themselves trapped in an all too real scenario of workplace violence.


C.O.G.S by Samantha Godfrey

A young Brooklynite attends a protest rally with her aunt, on a family visit to the “Peach State,” but she soon learns how bitter democracy can be in the sweet ole South.


Snapshots by Garlia Cornelia Jones

“Snapshots” reveals the beginnings and endings in the life of one couple over seven years at various meals around the dinner table.

Just Another Saturday in the Park by Bernard Tarver

When two people meet in the park one morning, the past, present, and future of their neighborhood collide.


White Shoes by York Walker

Set in the world of “A Raisin In The Sun,” “White Shoes” follows George Murchison as he tries to win back Beneatha's affections after their recent breakup.


Sister by Kezia Waters

A story muddy and rhythmic like the blues provides a window into the relationship between a mystic grandmother, haunted with memories, and her grandson’s ambitions. Is love enough?

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