18 days. 48 Girls.

48 teenagers. 18 days. 1 all-girls sleepaway camp. 0 cellphones. A whole lotta “togetherness”. One camp director’s true stories about the time she didn’t strangle children, but so wanted to at times. We didn’t get our periods all at once, but there sure was crying. And pixie sticks.

Courtney Antonioli is a writer, storyteller, and actress living in New York City. She has a BA from The University of Connecticut in English and a MA from Trinity College in Playwrighting and Media Arts. 

Her plays have been performed on the east and west coasts, include: New York City; San Francisco; Lenox, MA; New Haven, CT; Brooklyn, NY; and, Hartford, CT. Her plays include: The Mount, Toast, A Clean, Well-Lighted Café, Some Things Never Change, and Don’t Go Into The Light. In 2015 her play, The Mount, about Pulitzer prize winning author Edith Wharton, debuted in a staged reading at Wharton's home to a sold out crowd in Lenox. 

Courtney tells true, live stories on stage throughout NYC. Her one-woman show, Courtney Goes To Camp, premiered in NYC'S SOLOCOM in 2015. She has performed at The Moth, Tell It: Brooklyn, Split Personality, Q.E.D Fasttrack, Take Two Storytelling, Cinema Stories at Videology, The PIT, and more. In 2015 she won the Surprise Storytelling Show. 

She is the creator and producer for the YouTube show Stay Golden. Stay Golden is a channel of original programming inspired by The Golden Girls,--including mashups, interviews, DIY, and more. The series Staying Golden is a web-series following Courtney as she figures out how to live life through The Golden Girls while doing a fan reboot. The series has been recognized by Nerdist, The A.V. Club, TubeFilter, DangerousMinds.net, and more. 

Professional affiliations include: Dramatists Guild of America and Playwrights Center. In 2014 she participated in Theaterspeak’s WOF 2014 (Writers Out Front) NYC and Nightly News by Fresh Ground Pepper. She is a certified community producer at BRIC in Brooklyn, NY. 

For more information about Courtney check out her website: www.courtneyantonioli.com

Chris Chan Roberson is a 15-year veteran editor, digital content strategist, cinematographer, college professor and project manager. 

He has been teaching cinematography and editing at New York University Tisch School of the Arts since 1999, and served as NYU’s Executive Director of Post Production for over two years. Chris also edits professionally and has worked with such talents as Sting, Billy Eichner, Nick Kroll and Christian McBride. In 2006, Chris won a Telly Award for his editing work with Robert Small Entertainment, where he edited for Comedy Central, Nick at Nite and The Biography Channel. 

From 2012 through July 2014, Chris worked at YouTube, helping emerging partners devise channel strategy, increase production value, and develop their brand. He also co-ran the Creator Residency program that provided YouTubers the opportunity to use YouTube’s resources, and also helped develop the free educational workshops offered through YouTube Space NY to help YouTube partners maximize the potential of their channel. 

In 2014, Chris conducted a TEDx Talk, titled “Modern Mavericks”. Chris is a graduate of NYU’s Tisch School of the Arts. 

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