3 Storytellers 3: Adam Wade, Michele Carlo, & David Lawson

3 Storytellers 3: Adam Wade, Michele Carlo, & David Lawson Three of NYC’s top storytellers do excerpts from their solo shows Featuring: Adam Wade (HBO’s Girls, Inside Amy Schumer) Michele Carlo (PBS’ Stories from the Stage) David Lawson (TALE)

Adam Wade's Everyday Heroes 

Adam Wade (20-time Moth StorySlam winner / HBO Girls / PBS Stories from the Stage / New Yorker Magazine) spins takes that spotlight people from his life that are everyday heroes. Busdrivers, Barbers, Deli Guys, Bartenders, this one's for you! 

Michele Carlo Fish Out Of Agua 

Michele grew up as a double-outlier: a redheaded, freckle-faced Puerto Rican raised in an Italian/Irish Bronx neighborhood; too “white” for some of her family and a mystery to nearly everyone else. The personal stories of the search for her true identity interweave with traditional Puerto Rican folktales and unfold like a runaway #6 train, only with humor, heart, and hope—for an unforgettable—and truly modern American narrative. 

Michele Carlo has told stories across the U.S., including Joe’s Pub, RISK’s live shows and podcast, and the MOTH’s MainStage in NYC, on NPR and on PBS's "Stories from the Stage." She is the author of the NYC-set memoir Fish Out of Agua, which is also a podcast currently airing on Radio Free Brooklyn. www.michelecarlo.com 

David Lawson: Nazis and Me 

Hate groups have always been a part of my life, from witnessing vandalism and bomb threats as a child to being trolled by Incels and Pepe the Frog worshipers as an adult. Nazis and Me is a one-man show about my run-ins with hate set in a time where hateful Americans feel a strong sense of comfort: Right now. 

For over a decade David has performed one-man shows all over New York City and across the country. He’s performed on the popular storytelling shows Kevin Allison's RISK!, Mortified, Mara Wilson's What Are You Afraid Of? and have hosted The Astoria Bookshop Storytelling Show for the past five years.

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