ÉLÉPHANT follows the Story of Clérèse. The only world she has ever known is the 19th century Parisian brothel where her mother, Magdith works as a prostitute. Magdith desperately struggles to protect Clérèse from growing up too fast and out of the clutches of her volatile father. Everything is shaken when a young man arrives at the brothel with his master and Clérèse’s belly begins to grow. What is the fantastical thing that grows within her?

Are you ready for escaping?
By Eva MeiLing Pollitt
Co-directed by Akia Squitieri & Anna Hogan
Presented by Rising Sun Performance Company


ÉLÉPHANT will feature the talents of RSP's critically acclaimed ensemble and guest artists: Ita Korenzecher, Raiane Cantisano, William Serri, Eric Parness, Michael Pichardo, Laura Lamberti, Maera Daniel Hagage, Ayesha Saleh, Danielle Smotrich & Maggie Kissinger

Dialect & Fight Direction by Monica Blaze Leavitt 
Costume Design by Allison Crutchfield
Assistant Costume Design by Frank New
Lighting Design by Christina Tang 
Sound Design by Jorge Olivio

Additional information can be found online at www.risingsunnyc.com 

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