Academia dell'arte

“Star in your own high school romance, but get it right this time. It'll be just like your teen years, but more commedia this time.” Academia dell'arte is a monthly show that uses the performance style & stock characters of commedia dell’arte to create a modern high school romcom. Every month a new plot and a new guest improviser who will play one half of the lovers (innamorati) while the other half is played by one of you. This audience member will be given a script with blanks filled in by any audience member who volunteered to fill out a prompt. If you volunteer to fill out a prompt you will receive a code to get $6 off your online purchase. But while you play the students your ensemble of three will play your staff of six (a variety of commedia stock characters). What they lecture on will also be chosen by you! Starring: Amanda Figueiredo, Jackson Sturkey, & Carter Ford w/ Special Guest

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