Adventures in Citizen Science, Conservation & the AMAZON!

This show is part two of Bricken Sparacino’s storytelling series about the wonder of the natural world and how we can all be inspired to become citizen scientists. This night will include stories by Bricken about her trip to the Peruvian Amazon rainforest, an interview with local scientists about their conservation efforts, and a new short play by Robin Rice that gives a hint at the next evolutionary step for mankind.

Conservation Theater

Produces plays and videos connecting audiences to the wild world around them, inspiring conservation action. Changing the world one play at a time.


Bricken & Birch Productions

Bricken and Michael Birch have produced, and directed numerous original works including Medication for the FringeNYC Festival, American Treacle for the Midtown Theater Festival as well as the wildly successful 10:17 Comedy Night, which ran every Saturday night for 3 years. Most recently they produced Vacation, All I Ever Wanted (PCTF award winner) Sisters Grimm: Fables of the Stage, Death it happens: a girls guide to death (Frigid Festival award winner), I’m Not Sure I Like the Way You Licked Me and Michael Birch’s One Man Hamlet. B&B productions, plays since 1999.


Bricken Sparacino

Performing her short monologues, Adventures in the Citizen Science, the Amazon and Saving the World. Bricken is an award winning performer, writer and director. She was one of People of the Year '08. Her plays Are We Freaks and Sister's Grimm Fables of The Stage are published by Indy Her solo shows include: I’m Not Sure I Like the Way You Licked Me and Vacation-All I Ever Wanted (Award winner for the PCTF).

Awards include: Nomination for best performance in a musical for her original character Cherry on Top (Planet Connections), BackStage's "Gem of the Theater Year" for her work on MEDICATION (FringeNYC), Directed Those Whistling Lads to a Best Actor award and Best Short play nomination (Planet Connections), Directed 36 Hours and The Terrible Manpain of Umberto McDougal to win the best of the festival Holdover award (Frigid Festival) and Death, it happens... which she created/co-wrote and starred in won the Audience Choice for best in festival award (Frigid Festival). Bricken can be seen on the internet as part of the Key Of Awesome and Sci-fi department. Go to to read more credits and view video clips.






Looking the other way won't stop time from marching on.

A new short play by Robin Rice

Director: Brock H. Hill

Actors: Sarah Sutliff, Carla Cantrelle

Probability, Sticking your head in the sand change

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