A conspiracy theory about myself. Nisse Greenberg's an #Adult is a storytelling show that proposes a reason for why I became the functional person that I became despite all of my best intentions to become dysfunctional.

Nisse Greenberg is an award winning storyteller who just turned 30. He is a mess. He is doing okay. He teaches storytelling for The Moth and is a producer of The Story Collider. He is widely known in his family as being a little whiney when things don't go his way. He has this tab up on his computer for how to adopt a cat but he needs a printer to print out the application, and he feels like there is probably some way to just go into a place and do that type of stuff. He always likes salsa more than he remembers and cactus less. Mexican food is by no means the top choice in food. He prefers Indian, Turkish, Greek, Jewish, Eastern European, Japanese, Korean, Afghani, Ethiopian, Moroccan, and Vietnamese. Mexican food is good breakfast food though. He really likes a good sandwich. He's won multiple Moth StorySlams, a First Person Arts Slam, he's been featured on TOLD, The Liar Show, Soundtrack Series, Story Collider, and plenty of other New York staple storytelling shows. He is the producer/creator of Drawn Out Storytelling, VHS Presents, and Bad Feelings. He also premiered his first solo-show, Eighth Grade, last year as a part of the Frigid Festival. It was really good. You should have seen it.



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