Award Winning Honduran Artist Panchan & DJ Lumar GM MUZIK

Horse Trade/Frigid NY and Event Producer Salli Squitieri Proudly Presents Award Winning Honduran Artist "Panchan" & DJ Lumar Julio Lacayo Singer-songwriter, best known in the art world as " Panchán ", was discovered by the legendary "Don Remo" and Panchan continues to surprise the world with his diverse range of musical styles. "Panchan", singer and composer of his own lyrics was born in La Ceiba, Atlántida Honduras. As a child he knew that he was passionate about the musical world and at the age of 16 years old he began to write, discovering that he had the ease and dream of becoming an artist. Panchan had the great opportunity to work with great artists like Sabían and several others, where they recorded "Como Lo Menea", His journey has continued and he was recently presented with an award at the Garifuna Music Awards in NY. Panchan's motto has been "Music is Life", because for him it is the best medium of communication that can be transmitted anywhere in the world without needing

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