Bad Feelings: Unwanted

Bad Feelings is a storytelling show started by Nisse Greenberg two years ago to explore those stories that we want to tell, but that don't wrap neatly into the packaged narrative we usually tell about our lives. Bad Feelings is about those stories that happened and are true, but feel alienating to the person telling them. We’ll explore stories of realizing that you are not the person you pretend to be, and that you are not a part of the club you wanted to be a part of.

Andy Christie’s humor collection, "I Wasn’t Kidding" was published in the U.S. and the U.K. by  Random House. Consequently his work can be found on remainder shelves spanning two continents. He is also the creator and host of The Liar Show, as well as being a Moth GrandSlam Champion and been featured in their book and radio show. Andy wishes he wasn't so serious behind closed doors.

Sherry Weaver is a Moth storyteller and creator of SpeakEasy: Stories from the Back Room. Sherry believes boundaries are meant to be explored.
Susan Kent is the host and creator of Tell It: Brooklyn, has been featured on The Moth podcast, RISK, and has been in all the local shows. She is premiering her solo show "Into the Belly of the Beast" as part of SoloWeek through The Tank in December. Susan is a bartender and will always have a hard time letting go of that identity.
Nisse Greenberg is the creator of Bad Feelings. He creates them. The Bad Feelings. With his actions. He also co-created Drawn Out Storytelling and VHS Presents. He's won storyslams in Philadelphia and New York and some people really like him while others feel like he's sorta grating and they wish he would just stop.

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