KT Pe Benito, Sheree V and Chaesong Kim

A shared evening with KT Pe Benito, Sheree V and Chaesong Kim, curated by Maura Nguyen Donohue. KT Pe Benito (they/them) Through monologue, lecture performance, and dance, The Box (a work in progress) is a performance in three translations to elucidate trauma as it relates to the eye, the elbow, and rape survival. TW: The Box contains content that references rape and mention of self-harm. Audience members are encouraged to assess their boundaries before the performance and to check-in with a community member before & after the performance. There will be moments for the audience to breathe deeply and audibly if desired. Sheree V (she/her) is a multidisciplinary artist-creative, actor, singer, songwriter, mover, writer and creator of FluxFlow&Grow: a creative mission to share contemplations on life, how we live & what it means to be human vessels filled with spirit, via songs, poems, spoken word, theatre, film, movement, etc., making the invisible Visible. Chaesong Kim (she/her) The Nutcracker poses a question that’s both centrally personal and extremely telescopic. How did a story written by a German writer, get adapted by a French writer, became a Russian ballet, an all-American Christmas classic, then turned into a Barbie movie, to rock the world of a lower-middle class bun head born and raised by two South Korean social activists? the nuttyssey (work in progress) studies the journey of this curious cultural object through a series of pink found objects and sparkly animations in the form of multi-media one person performance.

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