After years of chasing unavailable women, Julie found her ideal girlfriend. She’s really into Julie. Miracle: This doesn’t make Julie want to run. The only trouble is they can’t agree on one thing - that Julie is the problem. Is Julie an asshole or a borderline? Julie can’t tell. The show with the most stars wins our Audience Choice Award! Click here to leave your review:

Borderline A**hole Team Bios

ABOUT JULIE GIESEKE (Writer/Performer)
The hilarious, profound, and curious Julie Gieseke was a writer that didn’t write until eight years ago . . . She took a solo performance workshop to get over her fear of being in front of groups, partly inspired by her job as a Visual Co-Creator ( Julie not only got over her fear, but discovered she actually loved performing her own writing. Since 2011 Julie has written and performed 16 solo shows to audiences in San Francisco, Austin, TX, Washington DC, and Toronto, gaining an avid and loyal following for her no-holds-barred, courageous authenticity.

ABOUT NINA WISE (Author, Performer/Teacher);
Nina Wise is the founder of Motion Theater®, an original form of autobiographical improvisation, Nina offers performances and trainings in this unique form of authentic self-expression. She has performed custom-designed improvised works around the world. As an artist and teacher who specializes in innovation, she has coached numerous individuals teams in creativity, the cultivation of presence, stress reduction, communication and leadership.

ABOUT MARTHA RYNBERG (Teacher/Director):
Martha Rynberg is dedicated to developing socially relevant, politically conscious, personally challenging, genre-bending solo performance. Martha has worked with over 100 performers to show, rather then tell, their stories. Martha has been the Principal Director of Solo Performance Workshop: You write a solo show in 8 weeks and then perform it, on stage, with a real live audience!

For decades Tanya has been mentoring writers, speakers, and performers to realize the artistic vision of their most impactful stories. She is a story-based entrepreneur, solo performer, and teacher living a life of purpose and magic in Santa Fe, New Mexico.

ABOUT ANN RANDOLPH (Writer/Performer/Teacher):
Ann Randolph is an award-winning playwright and performer. As a sketch artist, she has performed her original material in countless comedy shows including the Groundlings. She is also a nationally recognized educator and keynote speaker touring throughout the US. Ann is passionately committed to helping others discover their uniquely powerful stories, and to bring them to life on the page and the stage.

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