Break Your Heart

Luggage packed, hopes high, and wheels up on the journey of a lifetime... that goes off track right from the start. A transcontinental heartbreak causes a hapless guy to learn international travel on the fly while taking a journey through the years, music, and animation of a lifetime of heartbreaks. Presented by One T Productions from Minneapolis, MN Written & Performed by Scot Moore, Directed by Ben Layne

Scot Moore (writer, performer) has been working in the Twin Cities theatre market for 14 years as an actor, director, playwright, and sound designer. He currently takes up residence with Ivey Award-winning Freshwater Theatre Company and spends his non-theatre time writing science fiction and fantasy novels. You can find these and more content on his website: Break Your Heart, however, is non-fiction. And while it’s about real people and events, it is not a tell-all or a criticism. It is a celebration of how complications and unexpected changes drive us to learn about the world and ourselves. And how to buy airfare on short notice. NOTE: always carry a major credit card when traveling overseas.


Ben Layne (director) is Co-Artistic Director of Freshwater Theatre, a company producing new works by Midwestern playwrights since 2011, which he runs with his wife, Ruth Virkus. He has directed for Freshwater, Fortune's Fool, Northern Starz Children's Theatre, Swandive, and Mermaid Productions, among others. Ben is honored to be working with Scot once again, after directing his remount of Men Will Be Boys at the Chicago and St. Lou Fringe festivals in 2015.




Tim D. Tapp (animator) furthers his learning by interacting with and working with other creative individuals and groups. For him, there’s a real excitement in taking on new and challenging projects, as well as finding different collaborative environments to learn and thrive in.


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