Brown Girls Burlesque

Brown Girls Burlesque presents: Hot in Here: A Sensual Climate Catastrophe Polar Bears, Cockroaches, Mermaids and more! Come warm it up with Brown Girls Burlesque for a very necessary burlesque tale about climate change.

It’s Gettin’ Hot in Here! The seas are rising, ice caps falling, animals dying, corporations flossing. What on earth do we do!? This winter Brown Girls Burlesque (BGB) strips down the story of climate change and looks at life on earth through many different eyes. In tales of torment and triumph BGB will be melting ice caps and minds with the world debut of their newest burlesque show.


How could climate change be sexy? Come find out!


With a mission to entertain, titillate, educate and liberate: the ladies of BGB are experts at bringing audiences topical, smart and sexy burlesque shows. Based in NYC, Brown Girls Burlesque is a women-of-color company comprised of professional dance and theatre performers. They are dedicated to creating our own reflection in the art form of burlesque.


Founded in 2007, they have presented more than 50 shows to sold-out audiences in performance venues and universities across the country. They have shared the stage with major artists such has The Legendary Roots Crew, Melvin Van Peebles, and The Burnt Sugar Arkestra. Metro NY says BGB is “shaking not only their bodies, but more importantly, the common understanding of beauty ideals.”


Miss AuroraBoobRealis is the co-founder of Brown Girls Burlesque. She lights the night stage with her unique mixture of raw and earthy, wild and fearless burlesque! She is an interdisciplinary performing artist creating work in the space where dance, poetry, theater and burlesque meet. She has worked extensively on an international basis. From 2009 to 2012 she lived in Manchester, UK where she created her newest solo show Xenophobadelica. She has a B.A. from Sarah Lawrence College with a focus in performing arts, and an M.F.A. in Interdisciplinary Arts from Goddard College with a focus on 20th Century Black Radical Artists and the intersections of dance, poetry and theater. 

exHOTic other was born and raised in the East Village of NYC, where she works as a performer, writer, and educator. Since graduating Wesleyan University, she has written critically acclaimed and award winning one-woman (exHOTic other, Recess, JapJAP) and three-person (LOL: The End) shows that she performs nationally and internationally in theaters, festivals, classrooms, community organizations, universities, and prisons. Her love for fully embodying her politics in her art led her to Brown Girls Burlesque, where she is a company member. For her upcoming happenings or to book a show, please visit:

sister selva was planted and cultivated in New York City. As a young seedling she studied and performed with the Loco-Motion Dance Theater for Children, the Jose Limon Dance Company, and on Sesame Street. After graduating from Oberlin College she gathered seeds and pollen across the planet, embracing her love for the natural world and performers of all walks of life. She performs with her father and sister in LOL: The End, a clown show about natural and human-made disaster, and is a proud member of Brown Girls Burlesque. sister selva can be found in moments of communion with the natural world as well as at

Catastrophina is the storm before the calm. Still new to burlesque but no stranger to the stage, this big haired beauty will wow you with her wit, charm and sex appeal! Catastrophina will cause some devastation in your heart. 



Ooh La Loba is the performance persona of cultural provocateur Earlecia Richelle. Fusing together the satirical allure of classic and neo-burlesque artistry with her background in fashion scholarship. In 2013, she received her MA in Fashion and Film from the London College of Fashion with a focus on the socio-cultural aspects of dress and identity politics. Her dissertation explored the trajectory of Afrofuturistic musicians and the use of their fashioned body as a site of resistance. A year later, she found herself honing her shimmying technique under the tutelage of Brown Girls Burlesque’s Broad Institute. Ooh La Loba invites you into her Glamourverse, where you will discover a revolutionary way to experience the Black body beautiful through the lens of a Black wombman. 


Morgan Bassichis is a NYC-based writer and performer whose plays include When the Baba Yaga Eats You Alive and The Witch House. Morgan has performed at Dixon Place, the MIX Festival, the HOT! Festival, the Wild Project, Recess, and the Garage (San Francisco), and in films by Dia Felix and Maria Breaux. Morgan's essays have appeared in the Radical History ReviewCaptive Genders, and other anthologies.  Morgan is a graduate of Brown University, and is a practitioner of Generative Somatics.


Indigo Moonchild has been dancing since before she could walk and is grateful to still be able to pursue her biggest passion after all these years! She may be a rookie to the Burlesque scene after graduating from the Brown Girls Burlesque Broad Squad Institute last fall...but she is no stranger to the stage, having performed throughout Philadelphia, Baltimore, DC, Florida and the Caribbean. After so many years away, she is thrilled to finally return home to NYC!

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