BURLESQUE B-MOVIES: Dog Cop 3: Rise of the Cat Lawyer

Flimsy plots. Ludicrous characters. Laughable special effects. Gratuitous nudity. Is it a Pinchbottom theatrical burlesque show, or a B-Movie?

On January 24, at The Kraine Theater, it will be both, when Horse Trade and Porkpie International present an all-new BURLESQUE B-MOVIE live on stage: DOG COP 3: RISE OF THE CAT LAWYER. The followup to a sequel to a movie that never existed in the first place, Dog Cop 3 continues the adventures of Max Barkley—“Half man, half dog, all cop!”—as he prowls the streets of the city, sniffing out crime and fetching it… to justice. Closing out a trilogy that never existed, Dog Cop faces his greatest challenge yet as he comes snout-to-snout with his two natural enemies — the lawyer, and the cat — in a single body: the litigious feline Cat Lawyer Molly Meow, who wants Dog Cop’s unique brand of canine policing curbed — for good! But when a mysterious drug gives every manimal and womanimal in town the uncontrollable urge to take off their clothes, the two must reluctantly join forces to save New Hamsterdam. Starring Legs Malone, Jonny Porkpie, Amuse Bouche, Darlinda Just Darlinda, Hard Corey, Patrick Davis, Pinkie Special, Peekaboo Pointe, and more.

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