Caribbean Nights Series Presents Haitian Artist Smax Music

The Smax Music sound is described as a mix of Caribbean Rock/Groove and Acoustic Soul. Music that serves multiple purposes for the listener. His album and live experience soothes the soul, inspires peace of mind, keeps the body moving and calms the spirit simultaneously. Music is the tool Smax Music uses to convey the Enjoy Life message, an uplifting experience every time. A MUST MUST MUST SEE SHOW GET YOUR TICKETS NOW Come out and support this incredibly talented artist as part of the Caribbean Nights Series The Caribbean Nights Series is something very close to Salli’s heart. And artists and attendees are left with a very sentimental, warm, intimate and memorable experience comprised of the personal touches of Salli Squitieri who connects with the audience via special announcements and personal welcome, video show, live interviews with the artists, Performance, free door prize drawing and after show meet the artist get together,

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