Caribbean Nights Series: Primadonna and the Irie Vybz Band

Primadonna “THE LITTLE LADY WITH THE BIG VOICE” has been singing since the tender age of 13 when she was invited to sing in a concert by a former teacher/musician’s band. She was voted as best female vocalist for three consecutive years at the Annual Music Awards in SVG. She is truly the “ORIGINAL FIRST LADY”, being a very diverse and multitalented artist.

She earned a black belt in karate by age 11, was Princess of Carnival three years in a row, and Queen of Carnival at age 16, the youngest person to do so, earning her own postage stamp.
In addition she has performed alongside Caribbean luminaries such as Sparrow, Becket, Burning Flames, Super Cat, and Shaggy, just to name a few. She has done some acting & dancing appearances on TV, featured on MTV’s “PRESENTS BECOMING: WANNABE/PINK” Show.
Her growing list of vocal accomplishments comprises of “Love It So”, “Just Can’t Wait”, “In A Fix”, “Wine Coming”, “High, High” and two albums to her credit so far. Her new releases for 2016 from the upcoming album (Crisis) are “Kamasutra”, “Non Stoppa”, “Overdose” and a duet with Skarpyon entitled “Way Up”. These are getting rave reviews and gaining in popularity on Caribbean and Internet radio stations.

Esteemed Irie Vibz Band with Jamaican performers Peter Hemen-keyboards, Lenford Carby-Guitar, Hoova Simpson-bass, Oyane Edwards-drums, and Grenadian Kean Simeon-percussions

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