“If you could go back in time to ask your ancestors questions, see their old memories and hear those moments in your own history - would you?“

Stephen Ettinger has found the diary od his grandmother, Margaret Welisch. Fleeing Nazi persecution, Margaret Welisch and her husband Albert took their two daughters from Austria to the Philippines, only to have their life ripped apart again by the invasion of Japan. This story though isn’t about the events detailed from a history book. Displeyst is about the hardships of starting over, the life of two young girls maturing in a world constantly at war and how love can keep a family together even when hatred tears their lives completely apart. 

Using the luggage, fabric and flashlights that traveled with the family as well as his imagination, Stephen tries to recreate Margaret’s story in the hopes of learning more of his own. IVPs newest play Displeyst is documentary theater where the entire set helps in making sure the words come alive for all to see and hear.

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