DMXX: An All-Women's Hip-Hop Improv Group and Friends

DMX with the XX chromosome - is a badass collective of women hip-hop improvisers based in NYC. They perform regularly at shows in theaters all over NYC, have performed in NYC Improvfest and were also selected to perform at this year’s Del Close Marathon.

Hip-hop improv is a hybrid of long-form improvised comedic scene-work and freestyle rapping with a beatboxer. Successfully combining comedy with music, rhyming and dancing is no small feat. Every show has never been done before and will never be done again, as all inspiration is spawned from a suggestion of a word or phrase from the audience. DMXX prides itself on showcasing diverse female talent in the comedy community and is comprised of members of Black, Indian, Latina, Asian and White descent. At each of their shows, they enlist female stand-ups and other all women improv teams as openers to set the stage for their set to follow.In addition to DMXX performing, we will have a standup perform named Milly Tea and another improv team called Duran Duran Duran.

The DMXX team consists of:


Hannah Cassius:
Hannah, our Brooklyn-born fearless leader 
Rap name Cash monet, you'd be lucky to meet her
She works all day at The New York Times                 </p>

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