Downtown Magic: Justin Sight

"One of NYC's best magicians is blind and wants to show you the impossible." - Gothamist

Justin Sight is a unique magician currently residing in New York City. Since the latter half of 2013 he has done events for companies and organizations such as Tumblr, Gawker, The Blue School and The United Nations. Most recently he was featured in the New York Post, Gothamist, the UK DailyMail and countless other news and media outlets along with both national and international news programs.


In the last two years Justin has met and performed for various celebrities including Harvey Keitel, Chris Pratt. Hilton Valentine (The Animals), James Valentine (Maroon 5), David Blaine, Joe Franklin and professional athletes Kobayashi and the entire Milwaukee Brewers Major League Baseball team. He has performed multiple times at the prestigious Players Club in New York City and for members of the cast and crew of Saturday Night Live.


Justin was diagnosed legally blind without corrective treatment at age 10. Around the same time he developed a fascination with the nodern day art of magic and performance. His unique brand of presentation often focuses on the notion of a "malleable reality" in which anything can happen. He demonstrates the surprising “advantages” of his visual impairment by implementing ways to "see what others can't". He draws from a continuing involvement in the worlds mystical and esoteric traditions as well as modern scientific research pointing to the mystery of What Is.

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