Drunk Girl

Part theatre piece and part storytelling show, Drunk Girl explores the intimacy, tenacity, celebration and terror of women who drink. We watch performer Thea Fitz-James analyze what people say about drunk girls, her own drinking, and family rituals, asking, through 2 enigmatic characters, why so many smart, high-achieving women, seem to love a drink or 10.

Drunk Girl is that moment when the party takes a turn, but it's too late to leave: we’re implicated now, caught in a rollercoaster of calorie-counting keg parties, false feminisms, denial and love. From the creator of fringe favourite NAKED LADIES, Drunk Girl takes an honest look at how Drunk Girls occupy the contemporary imagination: as contemporary crisis or radical feminist?



-Sold out Fringe World season at The Blue Room Theatre -Nominated for the Best Theatre Award, fringe WORLD

"A cleverly curated thesis... she has the audience eating out of the palm of her hand the whole way through." -The Australia Times

???? 1/2 stars
"Thea Fitz-James is an effortless and clever storyteller, instantly connecting with her audience thanks to her confident, intelligent, and familiar energy on stage." - Vue Weekly 

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