Eighth Grade

Eighth Grade is the origin story of Nisse Greenberg's neurosis. It's funny in the way that losing your optimism is always a little funny. Using projections of found images and his eighth grade yearbook, Nisse shows us what it's like inside his mind: a place no one asked to go. 55 min. New York, NY

Nisse Greenberg is a neurotic person who tells stories about himself on stage in order to work out his thoughts and feelings and why they are so often at odds with each other. He has won StorySlams for The Moth and First Person Arts and has performed in shows around the city including: StoryCollider, Story League, The Liar Show, SoundTrack Series, and many others. He is the creator of the shows "Drawn Out Storytelling," "Bad Feelings," and "VHS Presents." For years he curated shows for The Tank Theater as well as storytelling festivals. He doesn't like carrots as much as he likes carrot juice. He is also an educator for The Moth and teaches high-school math.

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