Jack Fry’s new solo show Einstein! explores Einstein’s earlier years in Berlin as he struggles to prove this theory of relativity and prove his relativity as a father. Based on new information recently released, this play highlights the trials we all face as individuals in a world that at times doesn’t want us to succeed.

Albert Einstein comes back from the beyond.  Upset with the way his image has been cheapened and vowing to set the record straight, he tells us the real harrowing story behind general relativity and his struggles as a father.  It's 1914 Berlin, war is breaking out all over Europe, and a 35-year old Einstein is in the battle of his life as he is in the midst of colleagues trying to steal his new theory, an ugly divorce, antisemitism, failing health that threatens his life, isolated for being a pacifist, thoughts of suicide, a huge scientific backlash, and trying to keep the relationship with his son Hans Albert from slipping away from him forever.  Meanwhile, he comes up with a theory that changes the way we live our lives today.

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