Famous Dead People

Famous Dead People is the only show that resurrects famous people from the grave and asks them all the hard questions. Each notable corpse will be represented by a local comedian, of course, and this month's episode will feature the hilarious John Everett Trowbridge (UCB, Just For Laughs Festival) as Fred Trump, Boris Khaykin (College Humor, UCB) and Matt Shafeek (Magnet Theater) as The Wright Brothers. Famous Dead People will be hosted by veteran NYC standup comedian and author Jarret Berenstein (TimeOut NY Critics' Pick).

Jarret Berenstein is an award winning writer and comedian. He hosts the popular radio show Famous Dead People on Radio Free Brooklyn, and is a current member of the Magnet Theater improv team Junior Varsity. He was awarded a TimeOut NY Critics' Pick and a Best Solo Show Award from the LA Comedy Festival. His most recent book is the political satire The Kellyanne Conway Technique.

John Trowbridge is a comedian and producer living in NYC. He was named a New Face of Comedy at the Just for Laughs Festival in 2017, and has been featured on Adult Swim, College Humor, and MTV.

Boris Khaykin is a NYC based comedian originally from the Ukraine. He’s performed stand up on Collegehumor Live, the Hell Yes Fest, and Skankfest, and can be seen regularly with the hip hop improv team North Coast.

Matt Shafeek is a writer, performer from Queens, NY. He's been performing improv for over 15 years and can be seen regularly every Wednesday and Saturday at the Magnet Theater with Metal Boy and The Armando Diaz experience

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