Funny Stories About Pain

Funny Stories About Pain is a 50-minute journey through some decidedly not-funny events in the life of comedian Troy Alan, which would amount to a depressing Ted Talk if Troy couldn’t write jokes. The show, which is premiering in the Edinburgh Fringe Festival in August, will delve into the less sinister trails of Troy's life such as fear of traveling, life in NYC, an unfortunate yoga wear incident, and culminates with the day he was told the truth about his father. It’s been said that tragedy plus time equals comedy. Come see if that equation is correct. Troy Alan is a NYC-based comedian who performs in some of the best clubs in New York City, as well as some of the most revolting bars known to humanity. Troy likes to search for humor in the dark corners of life. Troy’s been seen on Laughs on Fox TV, and featured in Time Out New York’s Joke of the Week. In 2017, Troy produced a short documentary about life in New York City comedy called “Dear Mom.” The 16-minute documentary made in

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