Gabe Mollica: The Whole Thing

Gabe Mollica (The Moth) is making his Edinburgh Fringe Debut this August with "Gabe Mollica: The Whole Thing." Before he goes to Scotland he's doing the show 2 nights in a row! Catch him in New York's iconic "UNDER St. Mark's" for these final two shows! Gabe Mollica started doing stand-up in Edinburgh after he got dumped for his best friend. Five years later, this New York comedian returns with a debut show about embarrassment, what it means 'to comedy' and rice cakes. Gabe's stories have appeared on the Moth Radio Hour Podcast (NPR), he's written jokes for the New York Video Game Awards and Hard Drive ( He runs a popular show in New York City called The Funniest People I Met This Month. He does not have a podcast.

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