Gay Boy lives his ex-pat life on the hunt for men in South Korea. He’s an antihero, foul-mouthed, and up for it all…or is it all a front?

Gay Boy is the provocative account of some sort of gay man living some sort of life as an English Teacher in South Korea. His best friend Stella has been cheating on her girlfriend, behavior Gay Boy detests, but this doesn’t prevent him from sleeping with as many men as possible. To add to his list of first world problems, his mum won’t stop calling and all the porn websites in Korea are blocked. At least the new guy at work wears skinny jeans to provide distraction, or not. On the surface, Gay Boy may seem like a “typical” gay boy: highly sexed, sassy, and reveling in both. But when his vulnerability surfaces after a one-night stand, truths about his past are finally revealed

Gay Boy made its World Premiere Debut at the 2017 Dream Up Festival at Theatre for the New City (Crystal Field, Artistic Director).

The playwright, JD Stewart, moved to Daegu, South Korea, in 2012 to work as an English Language Teacher - or glorified babysitter depending on who you ask. He left Daegu in 2015 and moved to New York for graduate school but it wasn’t for a further two years that this story would even begin to take shape.

Directed by Ashley Wren Collins (Flak House, I’m Mindful…of My Anxiety), Gay Boy draws on Stewart’s time spent as an English Teacher in South Korea, and not only sheds light on a society the west knows little about, but also illuminates an aspect of gay culture we may think we understand, only to learn sometimes what we think we know is more harmful than good.

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