Grab My Junk: Resolutions and Regrets

Porkpie International & Jo "Boobs" Weldon present GRAB MY JUNK: Resolutions & Regrets. A very special edition of the international burlesque gameshow, designed to send your year out with a bang! The show that has always uncovered the passions, proclivities, and deepest, darkest, sexiest secrets of your favorite performers now delves into our most intimate territory yet: end-of-year regrets and New Year's resolutions!

Porkpie International (Producer)

Producer of of Pinchbottom Theatrical Burlesque (called “Best Burlesque" in NY by New York Magazine & The Village Voice) — Off-Broadway’s "The Pinch Brothers in The Bawdy House" (2014), and "Pretençión: un cirque de burlesque, un burlesque de cirque" (2013). Ongoing: The Church of Titillation, every Sunday in Times Square.



Jonny Porkpie (Creator & Host)

In June, Porkpie will produce and host The Burlesque Hall of Fame’s “Movers, Shakers, and Innovators” night in Las Vegas for the second year in a row. He was named NY’s “Best Naked Impresario” by NY Press right before it ceased publication, though no link has been confirmed between the two events. His burlesque murder mystery The Corpse Wore Pasties recently celebrated the 5th anniversary of publication by Hard Case Crime.

Image: Eli Schmidt



Jo "Boobs" Weldon (Featured Performer)

Jo "Boobs" Weldon is the Headmistress of The New York School of Burlesque and author of The Burlesque Handbook. She's rounded her heels on stages from Coney Island to Sydney Harbor, and has won awards including Best Bump N Grinder and Biggest Cougar in Burlesque!

Image: Don Spiro



Scott Rayow (Announcer)

Scott Rayow has enjoyed performing since age eleven. Unfortunately, he's been performing since age four. Scott provides voiceovers for commercials, promos, narrations, animation, and burlesque shows, and in his spare time awaits the arrival of his growth spurt. Scott is a member of SAG-AFTRA, and is signed with DBA.

Image: Don Spiro  



Bombazeen Bean (The Vannawhite)

Bombazeen Bean, The Reverend of Booty Church, is a Burlesque Dancer and Performance Artist living and creating in Brooklyn. Her vision is to unify both the audience and the performance on stage to create a shared experience of body empowerment. 



Jet Noir (Special Guest from San Francisco, CA)

The Man, the Myth, the Banana Hammock…Before launching a solo career, Jet Noir worked as a figure model for art schools, leading him to anti-art schools (Dr. Sketchy’s), and landing him onstage as a duet and group artist. This Heart-Stopping Chocolate Hurricane has been creating memorable performances nationally since 2010.



And Two Very Special Guests! 

So amazing, we can’t even mention their names. Suffice to say, these international superstars, stars of stage and screen, are known both individually and as a duo, and have received rave reviews from such publications as The New York Times and The Guardian (UK). One writes: “This mystery guest has performed many times for Porkpie Productions, and amazingly always comes back for more. Hailing from the UK, his freakish ability to shock and entertain in equal parts remain his artistic Raison D'étre.”

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