Harmon Leon's American Horror Story & The Piece

Harmon Leon's American Horror Story: NYC Comedian/Journalist (Vice, This American Life) Harmon Leon has made a career infiltrating extremist groups in America.
Take Harmon’s hand as he brings you on a multimedia journey into his true-life exploits infiltrating such oddities of American life as a Christian teen purity ring ceremony, a staring cult, and a gathering of 5000 assault weapon enthusiasts.
Plus songs!

“I was reminded of the way Spalding Gray would present his great work” (NY Theater Guide)

'Weird. Wildly original and completely incomprehensible' ***** (Edinburgh List)

“Leon’s hilarious subterfuge of a collapsed system makes us laugh as we slowly swirl down the muddy toilet" (Doug Stanhope)

The Piece is back to baffle, amuse and confuse - all while demanding perfection ('silencio!') in the dark. Part-comedy, part-performance art, part endurance-test, The Piece follows the disintegration of The Artist as he tries desperately to put on the show of his life, but something keeps getting in the way. Honestly, it's probably you. Fringe Experience Award 2018; 'Experiential madness! Most memorable show of 2018 - be it good, bad, or plain strange' (TheWeeReview.com). 'Terrifying, joyous funhouse ride!' (Peter Michael Marino, Show Up).

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