(here we don't limit our repression to just our sexuality)

Written & Performed by Amy Cunningham – Toronto, Ontario The youngest Cunningham tells stories of trying to keep up with the family secrets while navigating the delicate politics of ordering pornography for her brother in prison.




Amy Cunningham - Writer/Performer


Amy Cunningham is a Toronto-based writer, storyteller and comedian who keeps getting fired from waitressing jobs for reasons of “personality.” Her live stories have been featured on CBC’s Live Through This with Andrew Kauffman and the Raconteurs Podcast. Amy’s play, buffering…, presented at the 2012 Toronto Fringe, was lauded as “whip smart” (Torontoist) and a “deft, timely comedy that doesn’t dumb itself down” (Mooney on Theatre). But she is perhaps best known for her ability to spend a solid ten minutes unravelling a reluctant explanation of that time she got a boot stuck to her foot. 


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