Hunter Dance Takeover I

Hunter Dance Takeover I: Valentina Bache, Vienna Cohn, Katherine De La Cruz, Justine Farhi/Julianne Cariño & Portia Wells

5 Hunter College Dance students split bill & chat. Valentina Bache's solo seeks to delve into multifaceted personal investigation of nostalgia and the comedic absurdity of self perception. Vienna Cohn 's "The Bones that Bloom" is a reacquainting with the foreigner that hope becomes after trauma and devastation. It is an exploration of the duality of survival; How the bitter makes the ecstatic recognizable and how to return from a place where only darkness and the memory of levity remains. Portia Wells presents "constructions part 3: to manufacturing a self" - a solo process that focuses on parsing internalized and created parameters of personal identity in an attempt to narrow and expand toward the kernel of a self. It is an exploration in learning to swim in an aggressive current and to trust in pleasure. Justine Farhi performs her duet "Man/nerisms" with Julianne Carin?o. Katherine De La Cruz presents a new work in progress. The program will include discussion, moderated by Hunter Professor and Festival co-curator Maura Nguyen Donohue and including KT Pe Benito and other festival participants, about evolving gender discussions beyond the binary at a womxn's festival. 

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