I Can't Make This Up

I Can’t Make This Up is a comedic show designed to break stereotypes through storytelling and everyday conversations. The panel will consist of: Associate Director in Global Medical information, Arpit Ghandi. An individual from another walk of life, and the third guest will be someone from the audience...POSSIBLY YOU. The host AJ DUNK is a natural conversationalist; whose niche is one of comedic improv. Since the start AJ DUNK has gone on to expand his comedy pallet. Hosting many shows from RAW artists to Wilhelmina, to joining The Academy at UCB NY(Upright Citizens Brigade), Story Pirate, and creator/producer of I Can’t Make This Up. Come and put your name into a lottery for a chance to be a part of the show. If that sounds frightening, fill out a question you would like to ask the panel. Can't forget, prizes.

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