I Lied to Marianne Williamson

Written, Performed, & Directed by llsa Jule I Lied to Marianne Williamson: A Totally True Story is about one butch lesbian’s adventures in the Big Apple. From street activism, car crashes, and celebrity encounters, Ilsa Jule tells the story of a life lived with purpose and edge.

This show marked the off-off Broadway debut of Ilsa Jule during FRIGID 2018 at UNDER St. Mark’s Theater. After having been selected to participate via the brilliant non-juried, lottery process Ilsa realized that she had a rare opportunity to say and do whatever she wanted. Nothing was going to come between her, the creative process, and the final show. The only limitations being the bare bones lighting plan in the black box space, otherwise, the sky was the limit. Ilsa has vowed that writing and performing be about having fun.  She wants the audience to think a little bit but really she wants to tell damn good stories.

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