It Ain't Going To Be Normal

Written by Henry Vega & Artem Yatsunov – Jersey City, NJ Directed by Artem Yatsunov True stories about cancer, weak sex, fried chicken, abusive grandparents, car accidents, civil wars and international drinking rituals. Told, hosted, and lived by Henry Vega and Artem Yatsunov, and featuring a different abnormal guest every show!

Henry Vega

(Storyteller, Co-Creator)

This is Henry’s first time participating in the FRIGID Festival and he could not be more stoked. Henry is a comedian, a cancer survivor, and a life-long Manhattan resident. You can catch Henry’s weekly stand-up set at Horse Trade’s Open Mic Downstairs at Under St Marks every Tuesday night. Additionally, Henry is on Facebook and he is relatively approachable.


Artem Yatsunov

(Storyteller, Co-Creator)

Artem is floored to be back in FRIGID for the second consecutive year! After having a fantastic time with the phone-operator comedy Basic Help by Ben Clawson last year (Sold Out Award), Artem is thrilled to bring something a little bit different and a lot more personal to the festival this year. Artem is a director, an actor, a producer, a budding storyteller and a life-long Ukrainian. Artem is the co-founder of StrangeDog Theatre – you can find out more about his manic company and his directing work at . Artem lives in New Jersey and is very happy about that fact.

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