Kevin James Doyle v. The City of New York

Navigating the unforgiving streets of New York City is hard enough before you add in the careless landlords, stolen property, scam artists and the ever present empty bank account. Comedian and storyteller Kevin James Doyle weaves together a funny tale of his unique experience living in New York that is not far off from what every New Yorker has gone through.

**All attending in person MUST be fully vaccinated, meaning 14 days have elapsed since their final dose. We will be checking for proof of vaccination at the door, among our many other precautions. Unvaccinated viewers can join from home via livestream.**

All audience members attending in person must be masked and fully vaccinated (14 days elapsed since their final dose by May 8). FRIGID will be taking temperatures at the door, collecting contact tracing information, and selling tickets in pods distanced six feet or more from each other. The Kraine Theater is equipped with a ventilation system capable of replacing the air every ten minutes. Anyone who prefers not to attend in person can tune in to the livestream of the performance from their homes. 

Staff will be vaccinated and masked as well. Kevin James Doyle is the sole performer. He is fully vaccinated, and will wear a mask whenever offstage, and will be more than 10 feet from any audience member under ventilation when onstage. 

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