More Like Your Mom by LMNo3 More Like Your Mom, created by three women who are child-free by choice, is a multi-media dance theater rollercoaster, shape-shifting through ideas of what it means to be female today when old ideals still hold strong images in our collective conscious. Through games, interactions, and interruptions, LMnO3 (Deborah Lohse, Cori Marquis, and Donnell Oakley) encourages the audience to engage with the multitude of ways in which we identify as women by challenging notions of femininity and celebrating alternative ways of channeling the instinct to nurture. LMnO3 is: Deborah Lohse, Cori Marquis, and Donnell Oakley SOME OF THE SHAME SYMPOSIUM Chelsea and Magda have been researching shame in performance for the past year. Having recently performed The Shame Symposium at FringeArts they are hot on the trail of lecturing and demonstrating their own and others’ shame. What will be the long-term effect of exaggerating the shameful parts of their personalities?


Chelsea and Magda met in 2012 at the Headlong Performance

Institute and have been collaborating ever since: on

autobiographical dance/theater duets. At first it was easy because

they had jobs that paid them $25/hr and their rent was $400/

month. Now it is harder because all of that changed. Get more info at www.everybodygetinthecar.com.


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