Message in a Bottle

Final performance before Message in a Bottle is retired in New York! All proceeds donated to Voices Of Community Activists & Leaders (VOCAL-NY).

It’s a surreal but true-to-life love story between a woman and a bottle of vodka, from the early days of awkward first love to the ultimate betrayal, and realization that life going forward isn’t just doable– it can be beautiful.

Recommended by the New York Times, and named one of the best shows of the month by Time Out NY. 

Featured in We Heart Astoria, the Jersey Journal, Comedy Cake, Comedy to Watch,, and other publications.

"In addition to being wildly funny, it’s an intimate and thoughtful show whose ingenious premise makes it both universally relatable and deeply personal... “Message in a Bottle” is a fresh and surprisingly life?affirming look into the life of an addict in her darkest hour."

-AllAboutSolo, 2019

"Much of the humor in this piece springs from watching Drozdick interact with a bottle of vodka as though it were a human being, which Drozdick handles very well.  But the humor in the scenes belies the serious message... The result is a fun and moving show that resonates with the audience."

-StageBuzz, 2019

"Michelle... performs this play as a one-person show with the help of director Adrian Sexton — and it is a truly incredible production."

-Commyounicate, 2019

Debuted as part of SOLOCOM 2018, and has been featured at the PIT, the Tank, QED Astoria, HACPAC, UCPAC, and SMUSH Gallery.

Written and Performed by Michelle Drozdick

Directed by Adrian Sexton

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