Muppet Burlesque Returns!

A colorful and hilarious night will be had, as Tattoo Girl Burlesque brings back it's overwhelmingly successful tribute to the lovable characters of Jim Henson: The Muppets! From Sesame Street to Fraggle Rock, to The Muppet Show, New York City's most wacky and wonderful burlesque performers pay tribute to their favorite characters, along with their Muppeteer Host, Nelson Lugo!

Burlesque has made its way into every corner of popular culture, and has explored every theme imaginable, but New York City hasn't seen an all- Muppet spectacular of this sort for years!  Not since the highly successful productions of Muppet Burlesque at the Delancey in 2010, has Tattoo Girl Burlesque brought an all-Muppet themed show to the stage.  NOW, FOR ONE NIGHT ONLY- Relive your childhood memories anew, and see them all grown up!  Hosted by the amazing Nelson Lugo, expert magician and pro puppeteer, and produced by Rosey La Rouge burlesque performer and costumer extraordinaire. Featuring some of burlesque's hottest stars: Boo Bess, Sapphire Jones, Petite Renard, Beelzebabe, Plucky Charms, and vocalist Christiana Joi, all playing favorite characters.  There's Kermit, Piggy, Animal, The Swedish Chef, Camilla the Chicken, Big Bird, Red Fraggle, and Oscar the Grouch!  Come for the burlesque, stay for the AMAZING raffle prizes!  You CAN'T miss it!


?Starring: Hard Corey, Petite Renard, Sapphire Jones, Beelzebabe, Plucky Charms, Boo Bess, Christiana Joi, and Rosey La Rouge! 

Photo Credit: Ben Trivett


Beelzebabe: The Siren of Sodom (Animal):  is a diminutive devilish delight. She is a Brooklyn based burlesque performer of over 6 years and a veteran of NYC nightlife. After gogo-ing all over Peter Gaitan's clubland, she washed ashore into the magical, glamorous world of burlesque where she was able to fully realize all her kitschy, rhinestone encrusted dreams. A founding member of The Rhinestone Follies, she has performed coast to coast from Boston to Honolulu. Whether she's serving classic, comedic or sheer performance art, her acts always provide shimmy, sparkle and a playful wink of kink. 


Boo Bess (Big Bird): is sometimes a baroness.  You can often see her gracing the stage of Wasabassco burlesque, and spreading her Boobauchery all over New York City.  See her at the Kraine again on December 30 for The Bible Show: Where are They Now? Photo Credit: Clifton J. Creque


Hard Corey (Oscar the Grouch/Kitten): Hard Corey has been doing boylesque for 100 years.  He used to be a fan, and then he couldn't contain himself, and had to get on stage.  He's a very cool dude, and has very cool hair.  He is happy to be able to bring back his Oscar the Grouch costume to grumpily pick up stripper droppings.  He also has a day job where he letters comic books for one of those big fancy empires of comicness.  It starts with an M.  It's not Muppet.  


Christiana Joi (Miss Piggy): Christiana Joi Shorter has a BA in Vocal Performance from SUNY Geneseo and an MA in Music Education from NYU.  She currently works for Saint Ann's School- a performance arts focused Pre-K through 12th Grade School in Brooklyn, as a Pre-K through 4th grade music teacher.  She previously worked for four years in the NYC Department of Education at a Brooklyn High School, where she taught Freshman core music classes, piano, voice, and chorus.  There she successfully completed three large-scale musical productions (as both director and musical director) as well as 8 Choral concerts, and varied other performances.  She has been lucky enough to perform in several nightspots around New York over the years, and is beyond excited to be invited to be a part of this evening! 


Nelson Lugo (Host/Schaffer the Puppet):   Nelson is a magician and entertainer.  He has been a burlesque host for over 10 years, and a performer forever.  Known as The Charming Trickster, Nelson has a secret love of the muppets and of puppetry.  And a not-so-secret love of pie.  He has hosted both past Muppet Burlesque shows, both with a different muppet.  Schaffer the muppet is happy to help Nelson with this third incarnation of the show, and thinks that this will be the best one yet, especially because he is in it. Photo Credit: Francine Daveta


Petite Renard (The Swedish Chef): Petite Renard is an NYC based burlesque performer who likes guinea pigs, Tomb Raider, and especially, the late, great Jim Henson. She is ridiculously excited to be a part of Muppet Burlesque and is so pleased her stoned brain came up with this act one night. Thank you to Rosey for putting this together! Catch her in the new year at Pink & A Smile on Jan 4th and Nurse Bettie on Jan 6th. Photo Credit: Charles Farrah


Plucky Charms (Kermit the Frog): Plucky Charms and her Four-String Serenade is brought to you by the following: Mark Michaels and the New York Ukulele School (, Willy Wonka, Grease, The Rhinestone Follies, the pretty ladies riding the elephants at the circus, Busby Berkeley, Eileen Fiske's competitive Halloween fascism, The Muppet Show, grammar school Folk Mass, Carol Burnett, Blazing Saddles' Lily Von Shtupp, Woody Allen, You Can't Do That on Television, Three's Company, old Hollywood starlets, Olivia Newton-John, Flo Ziegfeld, Stephin Merritt, Peggy Lee, Julie London, Rufus Wainwright, The Simpsons, The Onion, Dita Von Teese, Weimar Republic, Swarovski crystals, wigs, ostrich plumes, other sparkly doodads, drag, vintage clothing and lingerie, thrift store paintings, Morrissey/Marr, Steve Martin, Will Shortz, Coney Island, modernism, garish makeup, all things Jazz Age, cabinets of curiosity, taxidermy, Zelda and Elliott, the glamorous and incredible women and men of burlesque. Photo Credit: David Byrd


Rosey La Rouge (producer/Red Fraggle): Rosey La Rouge is the producer behind Tattoo Girl Burlesque, and was a founding member of New York City’s ground-breaking troupe, Storybook Burlesque. Muppet Burlesque is her passion project, and she is so glad to be bringing it back to the stage. Rosey has performed coast to coast, with Hubba Hubba and Red Hots in San Francisco and at countless notable NYC shows including Dead Sexy, Hotsy Totsy, Kitty Nights, and Coney Island's Burlesque at The Beach. She is also a protagonist in the recently released documentary "Sleepless in New York", directed by Academy Award Nominee, Christian Frei.  She is a professional makeup artist, and an established costume designer for stage, opera and film, with an MFA in Costume Design from Boston University.  This expertise makes her mix of classic and narrative acts truly dynamic and visually mind-blowing. Diminutive in height, but abundant in curvature, Rosey lives up to her reputation as The Pocket Sized Pin-Up See her at The Kraine on December 30 for The Bible: Where are They Now?, and on January 9 at The Bell House for The Legends of Burlesque Calendar Show. Photo Credit: Ben Trivett


Sapphire Jones (Camilla The Chicken): Sapphire Jones has been gracing and grinding the stages of New York since 2008. She is a sweet, sassy, and sexy burlesque dancer with a flare for the comedic, having even been called the “Lucille Ball” of burlesque. Sapphire has performed up and down the east coast, been a UFC magazine centerfold and got the ultimate glory when briefly mentioned by Charles Isherwood in the NY Times. She has been performing with her amazing Wasabassco Burlesque family since 2008, started hosting shows with Union Hall in 2010 and is now the regular monthly host at City Winery NYC. She can be seen at venues such as The Bell House, City Winery, Bathtub Gin and any establishment that serves a nice chilled glass of white wine. Photo Credit: Bettina May



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