Not Show Business

Kelly has dropped her alter egos for this reflective, revealing alt-storytelling show. Connecting with intimate anecdotes and improvised music dictated by audience choices throughout, piece by piece, YOU choose where she takes inspiration from. Whether it’s an impromptu, true story or an improvised song, this time it’s personal and a one of a kind show each night, created with you, for you. Written & Performed by Kelly Dwyer from New York, NY

Kelly “Killy” Dwyer is a musician, performance artist, actress, storyteller, comedian and artivist. Her unexpected, unusual one-of-a-kind act can best be described as dark comedy punk cabaret using vocal looping, 8 or so instruments, improvisation, audience participation, found sound, toys and apps. This “Devious, charismatic, subversive comedic songwriter” (NY Music Daily) Mixes multi media video work, puppetry, dance and performance art into her electric, edgy shows and will be showcasing her lesser known storytelling skills in her latest vision “Not Show Business”. Killy is a 2 time Andy Kaufman Award Finalist, was named “One of Five Female, Brooklyn Artists You Should Know” by Brooklyn Exposed, was nominated by Planet Connections for Best Band/Musician and has received Frigid Fest’s coveted Audience Choice awards for 2 of her sharp, satirical comedy musicals which have included “Mock Bottom”, “Hyster-Killy”, “KILL THE BAND” and “My Box”. She has been featured on Dr. Demento, Sirius XM, Right This Minute Viral Video TV, on NPR’s American Parlor Songbook and 8 national commercials and was nominated for Best Supporting Actress in the feature film “The Crab”. Killy co-produced the NY Funny Songs Festival the last 4 years and recently was featured on the Comedy Central Stage in LA. She performs locally in every nook and cranny of this great city, tours her act world wide, and currently hosts her own radio show “Mock-U-Mental” on Radio Free Brooklyn every other Friday from 8-10pm.

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