Performance Check

Welcome to the Kingdom of Leyline where civilization is flourishing like never before! While life has never been better for bakers, artisans, guards, and artists, all protected by the kingdom guilds, heroes and adventures enjoy no such protections... until now! The Hero’s Guild sends out teams to vanquish evil, reclaim relics, and sometimes just do some fantasy pest control. Whatever the adventure holds, Performance Check is here to bring it to you live as we perform the magic of dungeons and dragons before your very eyes. A group of theater managers, producers, performers, and nerds get together once a month to bring you Performance Check! A Live D&D Play Through Show! Because what is Dungeons and Dragons but an improv game with extra rules! Join us as your players work together with a little help from our lovely audience to create a story that's never been told before. Hopefully everyone passes their performance check.

You can watch the show right here!

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