Post Traumatic Super Delightful

Written by Antonia Lassar-Directed by Angela Dumlao-Brooklyn, NY. Can there be laughter in the healing process after rape? From the artists behind God Box (Frigid Favorite ’13) and Tina and Amy (Frigid ’14), comes Post Traumatic Super Delightful, a one-woman show about the sexual assault crisis on college campuses. In PTSD, the personal is political, the political is personal. And the person is a clown.

Antonia Lassar (Playwright and Performer)

Antonia Lassar is first and foremost a Beyoncé enthusiast. She is also an actor, poet, playwright, and musician. Antonia spends some of her time touring her other one-woman show God Box around the country to engage great people in interfaith dialogue. As a playwright, Antonia believes that silence is the food of oppression, and her projects aim to dismantle hatred with communication, humor, and understanding. Past work includes Tina and Amy (Frigid Festival 2014), Pair of Animals (Edmonton Fringe 2014), and On the Tracks (Boston University). Antonia has a BFA from Boston University and is based in Jersey City with her super hot boyfriend and her Netflix account.


Angela Dumlao (Director)

Angela Dumlao is a New York City based director and theater artist dedicated to new work, non-realism, and intersectionality. Her directing credits include: Glutton for Punishment (EstroGenius Festival, Best Director Award); Between (Gallatin Arts Festival); boom by Peter Sinn Nachtrieb (Molly Thacher Kazan Memorial Prize), The Vagina Narrative, 8: the Play by Dustin Lance Black (Vassar College Theater). Assistant directing: SeaWife by Seth Moore and The Lobbyists (Naked Angels). Angela is a graduate of Vassar College and a former Powerhouse Directing Apprentice. She lives in Harlem with her snapback collection.


Sam Garcia (Scenic Designer)

Sam Garcia is a scenic designer, dramaturg and playwright living in Brooklyn. Some of her recent designs include, Glutton for Punishment (EstroGenius Festival), Hedda Gabler (Assistant, Capitol Stage), and boom by Peter Sinn Nachtrieb (Vassar College). Recent dramaturgical work includes, STEIN-DRAG (Target Margin Theater Lab), and The Rez Sisters (Molly Thacher Kazan Memorial Prize).  She has a passion for collaborative work that involves non-realism and intersectionality.


Kati Frazier (Dramaturg)

Kati Frazier is a playwright, dramaturg, and theater administrator from North Carolina, now based in New York City. She has a deep artistic interest in magical realism, non-linear timelines, and queerness in every sense of the word. She has been the dramaturg for Florida Studio Theatre’s Burdick Reading Series, curator of AFO’s first annual SoloLab, and Literary Director of All For One Theater. Her plays include: Virtue Of Fools, The Last Year, 15 Feet: A Story Told From A Distance, The Couch, and Patronage, premiering at Random Access Theatre this fall.




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