Pusse Parlor

A night of classic burlesque and Avant-Garde you wouldn't dare miss out on! Philadelphia born burlesque and drag performers Icon Ebony-Fierce & Gemini Rose brings you the first edition of "Pusse Parlor", a show filled with glamour, sensuality, genderfuck, and RAW performances from some of Philly's greatest entertainers. With the combination of burlesque and drag you'll definitely ask yourself what IS real Pusse?


GEMINI ROSE "Philadelphia’s Most Beautiful Flower" keeps you wanting more every time she takes the stage. With only 1 1/2 years of burlesque under her belt, Gemini Rose gives you years of experince in the art of tease. From her fast paced, hardcore cowgirl acts, to her sweet and sultry jazz numbers, she is bound to leave you in a daze. Will she come out waving her signature black western style hat? Will the sparkle of her pasties embed in your memory? There is only one way to find out...



MC/HOST: ICON EBONY FIERCE: is a seasoned performance artist/hostess that transcends gender which blurs the lines with every show. Tall, curvy, and glittery, she wakes up all environments with her high energy performances. Her goal is to showcase all backgrounds in every avenue of the performance world


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