Sci Up

Mathematicians and Physicists and Engineers, oh my! We’re pulling them out of the lab and on to the stage for a night of science-themed stand-up that’s sure to leave you snickering about string theory, giggling about gigabytes and howling about Heisenberg. Jillian Thomas hosts the first edition of Sci-Up: Saturday, January 10 at 10pm @ Under St. Marks Theater.


Bob Bell performs at clubs and colleges throughout the US and Canada He has also  done political commentary on Pacifica (WBAI NY) and the BIG 810 AM Orlando. His comedy is described as anywhere from a primal scream for sanity to an intellectual cry for help. Through caustically funny rants he points out the absurdity in life from TV ads to fandom to our obsession with technology and his hilarious NYC experiences where people have mistaken him from everything from a strip bar patron to a prison cellmate. He has degrees in math and physics.

Jack Dennis is a Russian-born NY-based stand-up comedian who is known for his surrealistic style and off-beat topics. He won London Comedy Store King Gong, and was a finalist of Laughing Horse Comedy Competition. He performed one-man shows at Soho Theater in London, and Edinburgh Fringe Festival in 2006, 2009, 2010, 2011, and 2012, and appeared on BBC3 show "Laughtershock". Recently won a Merit Award of Best Short Competition, and was an Official Selection of Zero Film Festival NYC for "Leo" a short movie about time travel that he wrote and directed. Jack holds an MS in Theoretical Nuclear Physics, and is currently studying Philosophy of Science at Columbia University. 

“One of the best Gong performances I have seen at the London Store, Dennis's’
mad style instantly connects with the audience. He treats provocative topics
with originality and hammers home a tight set full of very, very funny
 Alex Rochford, Comedy Store Management


As Monkey Poet, Matt Panesh is a regular on the fringe circuit, writing and performing solo theatre shows (Welcome to Afghanistan, Murder Mystery, LOVEhurtsACTUALLY and 300 to 1) and stand up poetry (Monkey poet, Welcome to the UK, Shit-flinging) and has won 8 awards  including an Editors' Award at the 2014 Edinburgh Fringe (for “300 to 1”). Mixing solo theatre with poetry he presents 2hr double-bill shows which regularly tour the UK and North America. He's published two collections and a retrospective of his work“Tribe, 2007-14” is to be published this early year with Burning Eye Books.


He has directed several shows including Around the World in 8 Mistakes written and performed by Sophia Walker which won the Best UK Spoken Word show (Sabateur Awards).


He is currently Artistic Director of Spoken Word for PBH FreeFringe at the Edinburgh Fringe Festival.


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