Scientist Turned Comedian

Lee, who got his PhD before realizing where his true talents lay, blends science talk (complete with PowerPoint presentations) with comedy. The hilarious result is like what would happen if you crossed your high-school chem teacher with George Carlin. Half off if you show up in a lab coat! Written & Performed by Tim X Lee from Carlsbad, CA

Tim Lee was not supposed to be a comedian. A biologist by training, he graduated magna cum laude from UC San Diego with honors in biology. He spent years developing simulation and analytical models of population dynamics before he discovered that this bored him to tears. When he tried comedy for the first time, the tears stopped.

Tim Lee is currently featured on Beasts Behaving Badly on Discovery Family and How Do They Do It on Science Channel. Tim is a comedian with a Ph.D. in Ecology and Evolution who has become a sensation selling out shows from Boston to Melbourne.


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