Seven Bones

Kim Savarino & Shiloh Hodges launch Estrogenius 2020 with their website experience "Seven Bones," an online scrapbook made of recorded memories, ghost stories, survival strategies, and short dances. Audiences are invited to visit anytime during the entire duration of the fest starting 7pm Weds 10/21.

I called you cause I knew you’d come / for like seeks like and water always runs to lower ground. Two friends travel through a ghost story for the end of the world. They are as prepared as anyone can be, I guess. Seven Bones is based on an Appalachian ghost story and choose-your-own-adventure books. It lives as an interactive web page with recorded stories, videos, things to read, and an optional piece of mail for the audience. Whether you want to travel back into the past or forward into the dark forest, we made this to keep you company.

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